Get Super Organized Using Evernote As You Note-Taking App

Using Evernote As Your Note-Taking App

Evernote is a suite of services and software specially designed for archiving and note-taking. Each note can have its own attachments and can be sorted into folders. Moreover, they can be exported, searched, tagged, and edited. Evernote supports several operating systems, including Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Android, and IOS. This modern software has reached more than 225 million users so far since its launch in June 2008. Evernote is available in both paid and free versions. However, the second one is more restricted and has a specific usage limit.

How to Save Time Using Evernote

In our modern world, spending less time doing daily tasks has become a necessity. We are swamped, so we look for new alternatives to help us save time. Evernote is beneficial for saving more of your precious time, which can be used for other tasks. The following ways to use Evernote are extremely popular today, allowing both business people and employees to be more productive and at the same time keep their life organized:

  • Access it from everywhere: this is probably one of the best advantages of Evernote, and also the best feature for better time management. Your laptop, desktop, smartphone, or even tablet can be used to access Evernote fast and securely. Take advantage of all the options available, and don’t limit yourself only to one device.
  • Take pictures of the things you want to remember and upload them to Evernote. By doing this, you will save plenty of time because a picture is worth a thousand words. Rather than trying to write down a complicated task or description of something, simply take a picture.
  • Scan all your notes: if you have paper notes, scan them and upload them to Evernote. This unique software features OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which will allow your handwritten notes to become instantly searchable.
  • Use it as your paperless library: if you have too many papers and documents that are difficult to find, why not go paperless? With Evernote, you can save plenty of time because you can file all PDF scans in one place, like a huge online library. You won’t need to get up from your chair anymore to look for a missing document. You will have all you need in one place, stored safely.
  • Use Evernote for reference information. Even if you know your favorite food brands and the most suitable clothing sizes, sometimes you need to remember the air filter size, the type of tires for your brand new SUV, or the light bulb model required in your bathroom. Evernote helps you keep all this information at your fingertips, so try to maximize the benefits it offers.
  • Save all essential registrations and receipts; it is a proven fact that many people just like you and me are unaware of what to do with old receipts. If you have them all stored in your email inbox, you can transfer them at a click of a mouse into your Evernote account. Use Evernote for better time management by storing all your old receipts in one secure place.
  • Lists, notebooks, and collections: this software is a great place to store all your collections and lists. You can easily store your favorite recipes, movie lists, wine collection, or favorite TV shows. Moreover, Evernote has a unique feature that allows you to create shared notebooks, which can be used by both you and your business partner to share common ideas and plans. In addition, you can collect notes, such as prices, schedule, and features, of the next vacation you’re planning abroad.
  • Solutions to various problems: If you deal with the same problem repeatedly, you need to store the solution in a safe place that can be easy to access. This is where Evernote jumps in and proves once again that it’s a reliable partner for better time management. It is vital to save your solutions if you don’t want to solve the same problem multiple times.
Get Super Organized Using Evernote As You Note-Taking App

Get Super Organized Using Evernote As You Note-Taking App

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