Under Construction Pages

Website Under Construction Pages Suck Big Time! Don’t You Agree?


Website Under Construction Pages

I am a solopreneur who does the most of the heavy lifting involved in building (wordpress) sites herself.
That is why I often have to deal with this inconvenience.

  • I buy a domain, and I make sure I get it hosted.
  • Then I start building it.
  • I often opt for a WordPress installation.
  • The first steps after installing WordPress is choosing the layout and the plugins I plan to use.
  • And after that is done I have to work on writing and publishing content on that site.
  • I have never succeeded in doing that all in one go. 😌

So visitors to my new WordPress blog will be treated to dummy test.
Something along the line with
“Lorem ipsum dolor sit met……..”

Don't you hate that when that happens?
It doesn't radiate a professional look and feel!

Broken Links & Broken Websites: Those Dreaded Under Construction Pages
I have also been through several instances where I overhauled my sites and ended up treating visitors to broken links and a broken website.

But no longer!
A new plugin, appropriately called Under Construction (link to the Wordpress plugin repository), makes that a thing of the past.
By installing the under construction plugin, you can quickly set up an informative page showing your visitors that you have everything under control.
By creating fun, informative and user-friendly pages.

Here is an example of what you can do:

Website Under Construction Pages

Website Under Construction Pages

You can find more examples at their website Under Construction Page.
I invite you to go to their website and look at what this plugin has to offer.
I found the plugin to be:

  • Simple and Fast
  • Beginner Friendly
  • SEO Optimized
  • With social media icons available to quickly add your social media profile links.

And the list doesn't end here.

They also offer a pro version that offers even more.
I have not had a  need for it yet.
However, the list of features sure makes it a product I'll have to check out at my next website overhaul. 🙃

Pro Features:

  • Drag and Drop functionality
  • MailChimp and 3rd party autoresponder support
  • Access to more than 300k photos
  • Newsletter module &  Contact module
  • Google Maps module
  • Countdown timer and much more!

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