Would you be able to get a grant to get your business off the ground?

What grants for women in business does the government provide?

Here is where you can start your research to find grant and loan providers:

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  • Click here to apply for loans and grants in the UK
  • Click here to apply for loans and grants in Australia
  • Click here for the Canadian Small Business Financing Program
  • Click here for New Zealand grants and incentives
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Grant writing tips

Grants For Women In Business

Grants For Women In Business

When you are asking a company or agency to give you money, you will need to go through a long process of filling out paperwork, documenting your business, including every detail of your business plan, and so on.
You'll need to keep accurate and up-to-date business records.
Each granting agency will have its own requirements that you will need to fulfill to receive the grant.
You also most likely will need to go through a waiting process once you've submitted your applications.

We recommend that you create a business plan first before applying for a grant.
A business plan will help you to look at all aspects, potential implications and benefits of your business proposal.

If at all possible, make personal contact with the grant provider before you finish the application and documentation process.

Your application should clearly and compellingly explain in detail how your business plan will meet the objectives of the granting institution. Remember that each agency or company will have it's own rules and requirements for their grant recipients.

Include your estimated expenses, and pay particular attention to describing your track record.

Generally, the more local the grant institution is, the quicker you are likely to get a decision.

Applications to local granting agencies are in most cases reviewed in a matter of days or weeks.
National agencies have larger bureaucracies and will take longer, perhaps several weeks or months, to consider your application and make a decision.

Free information on grants for women in business

  • Grants.gov allows organizations to electronically find and apply for competitive grant opportunities from all Federal grant-making agencies. This site acts as a single access point for over 900 grant programs offered by the 26 Federal grant-making agencies.
    This service is managed by the US Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Minority Business Development Agency does not give grants but provides referrals and assistance to minority business owners to obtain capital for their businesses.
    Loans are the most common form of financing.
    To access capital, the entrepreneur needs to prepare and understand the basic credit guidelines and resources available using MBDA’s portal.
  • SCORE provides entrepreneurs with free, confidential face-to-face and online business counseling in hundreds of locations across the US, and has an extensive database of info on all aspects of business funding and grants.

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