Why Do You Want To Achieve A Goal?

Why Achieve A Goal

The second item to consider whenever setting a goal according to A Goal Setting Model That Works is “Why.”

Why do you want to achieve a goal? Why do you do something? What do you believe in or value? Most likely, the answer is because you believe in or value that goal.

What beliefs do you have about yourself, about others, about the world in general? Do these beliefs support you in fulfilling your role (Who)? What do you value – in yourself, others, the world in general? Are these values in alignment with your role? Are there other beliefs and values that you could take on that would be more in alignment?

Have you ever asked yourself what the reason you get up every day is?

Some of us go on a daily search for our “why” – the purpose of our existence. Some stumble in their search, while others make successful discoveries.

Some have successfully identified their purpose but take other paths, distracted by other pursuits.

Perhaps you have been led to this article because you, like many others, are searching for your own life’s purpose.

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Finding your why when you want to achieve a goal

Finding your “Why” means finding your purpose, what drives you, what you are passionate about. Many people fail in achieving success simply because they lack clear motives for doing so.

Incorporating the “Why” into your goals will enable you to achieve them while enjoying the steps you will take along the way.

Even the struggle we sometimes have to deal with is easier to manage if we know why we must do it. Understanding “Why” will make necessary tasks a part of your plan and thus a choice rather than a load.

Explain to yourself why you want to achieve this goal. What happened for you to want this, and how reaching your goal will change your life.
The more compelling your motives and reasons are, the greater the odds you will accomplish your goals. Conversely, if you cannot come up with “good” reasons, you might as well move on to another goal, as you won’t achieve this one.

Do you want $5 million at retirement? Why? Do you say you want to live in a mansion? Why? Do you want that new car? Why?

There are no wrong answers here. “Whys” are the principles, standards, or qualities considered worthwhile or desirable by the person (or couple or family or team) who holds them. What one person or group thinks is stupid or vain, another will think is great or worthy. You need to come up with benefits that are honest, powerful, and inspiring to you or your group. And the more “Whys” you have for each objective, the better.

Here is an example of “Why”:

I want to reach my goal (become a senior account manager) because I need to stay financially secure. And I value a career and feel responsible for maintaining a good income for my family.

Think about how you feel as you achieve your goal. What can you see, smell and hear? Are you excited, nervous, relieved?

You can also view “Whys” as the list of benefits to you for reaching this goal.

For example, benefits for a fitness goal might include feeling great, clothes fit well and look good, and people compliment me.

If you have strong enough “Whys” for your goals, you will pursue your dreams until you achieve them. Not achieving them would give you more pain than doing what needs to be done to realize your goals.

Achieve a goal assignment

Give serious thought to why you want to achieve each of your objectives. Beneath each “Who,” write: “Why” followed by your reasons for wanting to achieve that goal, or simply write a list of benefits.

Review your “Whys” monthly, adjusting when necessary, and you will find yourself becoming more motivated to strive toward your goals.

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