Are You Interested In Work From Home Data Entry?

Work From Home Data Entry

Work from home data entry is very popular.
In the case of data entry activities, you enter your data in a program intended for that purpose.
This often involves entering data into an Excel sheet or typing texts into Word.

Data entry activities may include the following:

  • Transcription of a text recorded on cassette or via .mp3 (e.g., an interview)
  • Typing of handwritten texts
  • Manage completed survey forms
  • Typing texts into images
  • Assigning categories to images
  • Overtyping scanned texts
work from home data entry

Work From Home Data Entry

Educational Background And Merits
Pre-education is not required for this work, but a high typing speed is essential.
You are often paid per piece for this type of work, so the faster you work, the more you earn.

Data Entry Vacancies
Data entry homeworking often involves temporary jobs.
As a result, these vacancies are often not found through the familiar channels.
Many of these vacancies are mentioned on websites that focus on temporary work.

A reliable website that regularly has data entry vacancies available is Freelancer.

It has a huge selection of simple data entry vacancies.

When you register as a jobseeker, you can respond to the different vacancies.
The disadvantage of such an international website is that many people from low wage countries also react.

Another well-known website in this area is Megatypers.
With Megatypers, you can make money by retyping so-called “captchas” – images with a piece of distorted text on them.
The earnings at Megatypers are meager.
The advantage is that you can start immediately and that you will be paid every Monday when you have earned $ 3 or more.
You can only register on the Megatypers website using an invitation code.

To be honest this isn't the kind of work I would go after.

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