Freelancer Jobs

Success at freelancer jobs is determined by the skills of a freelancer

Do you consider being a freelancer?
Should you choose a freelancer career in which you are most likely to succeed?
Or are you going one 100% for your passion and talent?
In this article you will find the answer.

Many freelancers experience difficult times.
This is also due to the fact that many freelancers are without concrete ideas.
Or that they do not know what to expect from a freelance career.
But this is also due to the fact that many freelancers will compete on price rather than quality.
What means a race to the END in the long run.

Why do I mention all these reasons?

As a starting freelancer (who wants to be successful) in my opinion, you have two choices.

Either you will choose a career in which you have the most chance of success.
Or you will choose a career in which your talent and passion come into its own.

Depending on your choice you need to take specific decisions.
But regardless of your choice, it has always been about your skills.

Benefits of Freelancer Jobs

  • Direct contact with clients.
  • No intermediaries.
  • Determine your own rate.

Skills Of A Freelancer.

What are much-needed skills for a freelancer?
A way to succeed as a (starting) freelancer is by looking at the skills that are frequently asked for at the moment.
But how do you find out the most or much-needed skills for a freelancer?

Here are some tips.

  • Go on a quest to find any information published by the government.
  • Research freelancer job sites such as Upwork, Elance or a local alternative.
  • Use Google Trends to get an idea how often a specific skill, job or role is sought after.

Of course, there are other ways.

Think, for example, to start a discussion on LinkedIn in one of the groups containing many freelancers.
Or send a tweet with the hashtag #freelancer jobs.

What Are The Best Freelancer Jobs

freelancer jobsIn the top 15 of the most popular jobs  for freelancers are sales, engineering jobs, and web design jobs.
But the demand for freelancers in administration, technical illustrators, graphic designers, copywriters and freelancers in finance is also growing.

Each month there are also jobs for freelancer photographers, SEO and social media professionals and freelancers in logistics.

It is important to find out if there is an interest in your (future) service or product.

And if so, who has these specific needs.

It is also useful to ask yourself who your competitors are, what they offer and how they communicate.
Questions that determine whether your much-needed skills also worth something.

This last remark may be oversimplified.

The answers to the questions only give you an indication.

Each starting freelancer must test his or her idea in practice.

So you know for sure that your skills are required.

What Are Common Skills That A Freelancer Needs To Be Successful In Freelancer Jobs?

Depending on your search some specific careers for freelancers are more popular than others.

Once again, because these skills are always needed.

An example of these timeless skills is:

But please note something that is frequently asked for at this moment is no guarantee for the future.

Repeat the same search query

Location-independent freelancer careers

For many of the required skills, it does not matter that you are not physically present.

This means that as a freelancer you can also work location-independently.

But, of course, this represents a number of challenges.

The biggest challenge (but this applies to all freelancers) is getting that interesting and qualitative job.

Many experience this as one of the most difficult tasks.

You are more away than at home.

Skills vs. talent: What will you choose?

With this in mind, you can check whether you choose for a career on the basis of your chance of success or for a career based on your passion and talent.

If you possess one of the much-needed or common skills, then you got it made.

Your career has more chance of success quicker.

In some cases you can even work location-independently should you want that.

There is always a (big) but.

Having a specific skill does not necessarily mean that you will find something fun to do with it.

And wasn't that the reason why you started in the first place?

Freelancers who are self-employed without passion don't persevere and they eventually go under.

They get into the same discussions with themselves as if they were still employed.

“Is this what I really want?”.

“Am I going to do this for the rest of my life?”.

They doubt. Everything. Thus also their own success.

What Are The Necessary Skills Of A Freelancer?

Having said that, I believe that there are a number of conditions attached to success.

There are skills or characteristics that make a freelancer (un)successful.

Successful FREELANCER:

  • They act on the basis of their norms and values.
  • They use their site not only as a digital business card.
  • They compete on the basis of quality instead of price.
  • They show their personality in everything they do.
  • They have a role model.
  • They know their USP and show this in everything they do.
  • They provide continuous added value.
  • They set new goals every year.

One more thing.

Freelancers who want to start successfully, do this best on the basis of passion or interest in something combined with their skills.

So you are most likely to succeed!

How do you get new jobs?

  1. Write a great elevator pitch

You get jobs from people, and people need to know you.

Acquisition is an important part of relation management.

That sounds more complicated than it is: you need to know people, they need to know you and you need to have regular contact with them.

Moreover, they have to be the right people, and the number of people in your network needs to grow.

You must convincingly and effectively sell yourself without giving a sales pitch.

That is called an elevator pitch.

  1. Go network and service your network

Many freelancers get the vast majority of their jobs from their personal network.

The quality of your network is therefore of crucial importance for the quality of your career

  1. Start a Blog

A weblog is the communication tool by far.

You can periodically publish articles that bring your company to the public's attention, including possible cooperation partners and clients.

You can showcase your knowledge and expertise and build a reputation, you can organically develop your knowledge by publishing about your field, and you can easily network because persons who are in the same business sector as you will react on your weblog.

  1. Get active on social networking sites

A convenient, easy way to maintain and enhance networks by using social networking sites.

Especially for professionals in media or marketing, Twitter is a must.

What other skills and/or characteristics do you need to be a successful freelancers?

And what is your most important skill?
How do you think to choose from the many Freelancer Jobs!