Easy Money Making Ideas

Many people are looking for the fast money.
Some, because they want to earn something quickly and others because they need a few euros in the short term.
On the net, you can find lots of dubious tricks on how to make money fast and become a millionaire overnight.
And often without even doing something for it.
Here I just have to appeal to common sense: Everyone must be aware that there is no such thing.
You ask yourself why? Quite simply, if it was that easy, why isn't everyone doing it?

Earny Money Making Ideas – 10 Simple Tips That (Almost) Anyone Can Implement

Note: Some ideas to work from home or to make money (online) might not be applicable in the country where you live.

1. Sell things you do not need at the flea market / eBay
Almost everyone has a cellar or roof storage, where you probably do not even know what treasures may hide there.
These items can easily be made into money, for example by being sold at a flea market or on sales portals such as eBay.
So you not only clean up and make room again but also have a few euros more in the wallet.

2. Make money with your smartphone
There are quite a few apps with which one can quickly earn one or two euro.
Streetspotr is a provider of so-called micro jobs.
They are mini-tasks that have to be done and then paid for.
For example, you have to take a photo of a particular product in a supermarket with your smartphone and answer a few questions.
The good thing is, you can do those jobs during other activities.

3. Become a photographer
Almost everyone owns a smartphone today.
This smartphone usually has a camera as well.
Many also carry an excellent camera that can shoot beautiful pictures.
In the Fotolia Instant app, you can upload your snapshots and earn money.
It works like this: You take a picture with your smartphone.
Then you upload it to the app.
Then you wait until a buyer has been found.
For every picture sold you get one or several credits.
This depends on the quality and size of the photo.
One credit is approximately one euro.

4. Collecting piles
Ok, I admit that collecting stuff sounds funny at first.
I do not mean that you should walk from trash can to trash can through the city and go searching for individual bottles.
Rarely, this pays more than 10€ per day.
Sometimes it is not for everyone.
However, you can do the whole thing with a more professional approach: There are examples where people have achieved a small fortune with it.
Some made it so far that he can live on it.
What is his secret?
He focuses on big events.
Big music festivals, sporting events such as football Bundesliga games or carnival.
With bottle and can collecting he can ever bring home a nice sum.

easy money making ideas pinterest

Easy Money Making Ideas Pinterest

5. Blood Donations / Plasma Donations
Blood donation itself is a good thing.
Sometimes even a cost compensation is paid.
This could be somewhere between 15€ to 25 €.
Blood donations can usually be found in hospitals, university clinics and also in some pharmaceutical companies.
The condition is that one is between 18 and 68 years old.
The donation takes little longer than a few minutes and you can donate up to 10 times a year.
There are also institutions that do not pay money, such as the German Red Cross.
Besides, one can also donate blood plasma.
This can even be done weekly (maximum 45 times a year).
However, this takes much longer than donating blood.
It will keep you busy for an expected 45-60 minutes.
Earnings: 15-25 € per donation

6. Subject to clinical trials
This is another way to earn money.
The research institutes pay upwards from a few hundred to even several thousand euros for participating in a study.
Before participating, you have to undergo a comprehensive health check.
The shape of the study can be very different in type and scope.
Some studies are conducted on an outpatient basis and those that are completed in a few hours.
But also those that involve a long period or require a clinical stay.
The good thing here is that most food and travel expenses are included.
At the end of the trial, there is usually a follow-up.

7. Become an election worker
When an election takes place in Germany, hard-working election assistants are always needed.
The task consists of controlling the election notification and the ballot issue at the polling station.
In the end, all votes have to be counted.
For this, you get the so-called refreshment.

8. Paidmailer
Another way to easily make money on the side are Paidmailer.
The principle is: You will receive a mail with advertising.
This email has a confirmation link.
You click on the link and earn money with it.
For Paidmailings there are countless providers.
Unfortunately, some are quite dubious.
Two that I can recommend are EuroClix and Questler.
You can register for free at both providers, and both are characterized by a high remuneration.

9. Polls – Easy Money Making Ideas
With your own opinion, you can earn money on the Internet.
Companies are always interested in how their products and services reach the customer.
To figure this out, companies are ready to pay you for your opinion.
There are some providers on the Internet with whom you can earn money.
In rare cases, up to 15€ per survey.
But then this review can take a bit longer

10. Car rental and carpools
The average useful life of a car in Germany is less than one hour per day.
So if you have a car and you do not need it permanently, you can earn money with it.
There are only a few conditions the vehicle must pass, for example, it may not have run more than 200,000 km.
Of course, you get less for a small car than for an expensive sedan.
The tenant pays next to the rental price, also the fuel consumption.
With a good car and the willingness to give it up for a while, you can earn a little money here quickly.

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