Freelance Websites

Running an online business without using freelance websites can be cumbersome.
You have to deal with many essential components:

  • website design,
  • product creation,
  • payment processing,
  • sales letters,
  • affiliate programs
  • and so on.

In this article I'll discuss several freelance sites, I am familiar with.

Whether you are looking for a place to outsource or whether you want to earn some money these are things to take into consideration.

What To Look For At Freelance Websites

As an employee

  • are jobs easy to post
  • are freelancers easy to find
  • is the feedback system trustworthy
  • is the freelance website equipped for your line of work
  • what is the payment system
  • what's the cut the site takes
  • how is non-delivery or lousy quality tackled

As a freelancer

  • are jobs easy to findFreelance Websites
  • is the website fit to sell what you have to offer
  • do they have a verified system for clients
  • what cut does the website take

I will now take a closer look at the freelance website I have used to sell my services.
Maybe you can use them for your benefit too.


Fiverr gives you tools to find and provide specialized products and services to your clients.
It is also a beneficial platform for freelancers to work on.
Working on Fiverr helps you increase your professionalism and improve your skills.
And working on Fiverr helps you understand the needs customers have.

But, it can be challenging to find a gig that is worthwhile.

You can even find gigs with thousands of sales and 99% positive reviews that turn out to be crap.
This could be because many buyers don’t seem to be able to check the service they paid for.
Yet I’ve found some decent infographic designers, logo designers and people who’ll transcribe video/audio at a low price.
Fiverr is good for hiring creative services like graphic design and video!
Fiverr lets you assess the quality of a person’s work before you pay a cent.

A thing that I don’t like about Fiverr is the lack of transparency.
A lot post fake profile pictures and pretend to be from the United States or the UK.
I have little consideration for people who are afraid to stand behind their own name and face.

As a freelancer possibilities are endless.
But there is only so much you can earn doing jobs for rock bottom prices.
And you only get out what you put in.
Fiverr fees can sometimes be disheartening.
It's an excellent side job opportunity for one, like myself, who wants to pursue her passion.
It could also be an excellent way to build a portfolio in preparation for a future career elsewhere.

The last aspect that I find worrying is the dependence of sellers from positive reviews.
This could give buyers too much power over sellers.
Here is an interesting article discussing this potential problem that could affect all Fiverr freelancers.


Despite rebranding several times in recent years, it still has the most varied and diverse selection of certified experts.
All waiting and eager to deliver a quality service at a fair price.
Hou can find a lot of excellent specialists on Upwork.
I’m a big fan of the site because it’s easy to check up on freelancers’ past projects and see how they performed and what they worked on.
Many people use Upwork to find specialists.
Specialists in SEO, link building, marketing campaigns, coding and website development.
There are also plenty of writers and virtual assistants who will do a great job if you give them a chance.
When you plan to post a job at Upwork be sure to put in a little time and effort upfront.
Make sure that your advert is good neought to attract the best freelancers.
And please, be ready to pay them a fair price for their time and effort.
After all, there is this saying that also applies when using freelance websites:

“you get what you pay for”.