Working From Home – Work Home Opportunities:

Work Home Opportunities: In this article, I'll show you what the best ways are to make money at home from the comfort of your own home.
There are opportunities for in between and opportunities that allow you to cover your entire income from home.

Do you want to earn money from home?

The euphoria quickly evaporates after you got the job when the work routine gradually settles in: Getting up early, hectic times at work, commuter traffic, annoying colleagues and a boss who makes life difficult for you.
A horror scenario …

It may not be that bad in reality, but you might be the one who dreams of a possibility to escape a dreary workday.

And indeed there is a way:

Before throwing the towel into the ring, you can also make yourself comfortable at home and work in peace from there.
There are more than enough possibilities for this.

Work from home – what could be sweeter?

Now, of course, there are people who want to work from home to earn some extra money.
Of course, that's no problem either.
More and more people avoid the traditional side job and earn their pocket money from home.
There are enough possibilities.

Working from home as a sideline or as a job

Working from home is commonly referred to as “homework.”
If you want to work from home, you have many different options.
It depends on the framework you want to set:

  • Are you only interested in a sideline?
  • Would you like to build up a second income?
  • Are you looking for a real job?

Depending on which goal you have, you can choose between different possibilities.
In this article, I will like to introduce you to the 14 best ways you can work from home and earn money.

Work Home Opportunities

Work At Home Opportunities

The three best options.
Here are the best ways to work from home.
For a better overview, I have divided the 14 Work Home Opportunities into three categories:

  1. For some additional earnings
  2. A solid second pillar
  3. A foundation for a real job

You can choose the options that suit you best.

Working at home:

1. Working From Home: For The Extra Income

This homework is ideal for working from home and earning some money.
It promises a lot of variety and at the same time an excellent additional income.

1st possibility: answer surveys
One of the best ways to work from home is to answer online surveys. Online reviews are conducted by major market research institutes.
Participants who complete a survey receive a payment.
And because the surveys are web-based, you can quickly switch from home and work with your laptop or tablet, for example, from your couch.

How does this work?
For large commercial enterprises, it is essential in product development to know how the product's target audience thinks.
This can save the company a lot of money and also prevents a product launch disaster.

For this reason, companies invest money in representative surveys, which, for example, give them insight into what the target group wants and thinks of the product.
Surveys are then taken care of by so-called market research institutes specializing in conducting investigations.

If you want to take part in online surveys, you can register online and register with the market research institutes.
They then inform you regularly about new surveys that you can attend to from home.

What can you earn with online surveys?
Depending on how extensive a survey is, you can earn up to 15 $.
The earnings are credited to the member account and can be paid out to a specific account after a certain amount is built up (for example, 10 $).

Option 2: Become a product tester
Another exciting opportunity for a sideline from home is testing products.
As a product tester, different products are sent home, which you should test.
As a thank you, you receive a payment, vouchers or you may even keep the product.

How does this work?
Many companies want to know how a particular product reaches the consumer and have the corresponding products tested by a tester for this reason.
The tester usually represents the target audience of the product.
Test products may be, for example, creams or other care products, technical devices such as vacuum cleaners or even games.

If you have qualified as a tester for a product, this is usually sent to you with the test instruction.
The product is then easily tested in everyday use.
After a set test time you are expected to write a final review.

What can you earn as a product tester?
As a thank-you for the effort, the product tester receives compensation in the form of a payment or voucher – but often he is also allowed to keep the product tested.

3rd possibility: become a usability tester
Similar to product testing – but different.
As a usability tester, you don't test products, but things that are not tangible: websites, programs, and apps.

How does this work?
It's not just products that need to be tested for their functionality and ease-of-use – websites, programs, and apps also need to run smoothly and be very user-friendly.
To optimize these two aspects, before the launch, several multi-person tests are performed to see how the subjects navigate through the program, page, or app, and if problems arise.

Very often you can do such tests from home, so this option is also ideal for working from home and earning some extra money.

Usability tests often fall in the hourly wage category.
You can earn between 10 and 30 $ per hour.

4th possibility: Rent your room
Here comes the next ingenious option: If you want a nice extra income from home, you can now and then rent a free place – if you have one left.

How does this work?
Many households have one or more rooms available, which can be rented as a guest room.
Even if you go on vacation or a room is only available for one to two days you can offer this for rent.

Special portals on the Internet offer optimal marketing possibilities for your room.
Internet portals such as “Airbnb” cleverly combine supply and demand. If you have a room to rent, you can quickly set this as an offer.
If you are looking for a room, you can find a suitable accommodation option by using the search function.

What can you earn?
This depends on how desired the location of the rented room is and how large the leased space is.
Per night many charge between 20 and 50 $ for a room.

Option 5: sell clothes and items online
Another great way to work from home and eliminate stuff at the same time: sell clothes and items that you no longer need.
Very often it is underestimated how much money you can make with used items.

How does this work?
Selling items at a flea market is a possibility that is probably outdated. You can not earn much money at flea markets anymore.
The better opportunities are now found on the Internet.
There are many more people looking for an offer, looking specifically for used clothes, technical equipment, etc.

As a rule, we all posses items we don't use.
Whether it is clothing or technical equipment does not matter. Everything can be of value to another person – so do not leave anything unturned.
Especially on the Internet, you have excellent opportunities to sell the used items.
Platforms such as eBay facilitate the process enormously.

The earning potential always depends on how valuable the items sold are and how well they are presented (photos, description, etc.).
You can get a lot of money, for example, for antiques and rarities.

2. A Solid Second Income Pillar

This work can be optimally used as a second pillar.
Those who stay tuned regularly and are willing to spend a little more time with these possibilities can thus create a regular source of income.

6th possibility: working as a virtual secretary
A virtual secretary is, in principle, an ordinary secretary, except that he or she works from home and carries out her tasks via the Internet and the telephone.
Of course, classic cliché works such as coffee making and printing are excluded from the outset.

How does this work?
As a virtual secretary, you support the company you work for from home.
Of course, such jobs are only offered by companies where such a position also makes sense.
The main tasks of the virtual secretary are to maintain databases, make calls, etc.

Work as a virtual secretary from home
Virtual secretaries are usually paid at hourly rates.
Depending on how much you work, the activity can not only result in a worthwhile extra income but even a second financial pillar.

What can you earn?
It is common that the virtual secretary often receives an hourly wage, which is about 10 to 12 euros per hour.
Depending on which additional qualifications the job requires in individual cases, higher wages are also possible.

Option 7: Work as a copywriter from home
Who likes to write and has a knack for good research results, who can try as a copywriter.
Among other things, copywriters provide texts for countless websites. Whether journalistic content, stories or just descriptions – for anything that needs to be written, you can hire a copywriter.

How does this work?
If you want to write texts, you can look up orders on particular websites.
Hundreds of orders (for example from website operators) are published daily on these.
As a copywriter, you can then apply for such a job.
From time to time, the client will even contact you.
This is often the case when you have already written some excellent texts and built up a reference.

As a copywriter working from home
Anyone who has gotten an order can also get down to work.
How extensive a text should be, which topic it should be, etc. is often determined by the client.
The salary for the copywriter is usually fixed before writing.

What can you earn?
The copywriter is usually paid by text length.
The more words a text contains and the more research work is necessary, the higher is often the payment.
Typical wages are around 10 to 20 euros for 500 words.
That makes between 2 and 4 cents per word.

Option 8: Work as an editor at home
The editor is seen as the supplement to the copywriter.
While the copywriter's task is writing texts, the job of the editor is to correct a text: on a linguistic and grammatical level.
Often, when a text needs to be particularly good, an editor already takes on tasks in the structuring of text.
In the end, he checks the text for words, spelling, and grammar.

How does this work?
The editor works from home by taking care of assignments first.
This is similar to the copywriter.
He creates a profile on online platforms where clients and contractors come together.
Subsequently, the editor applies for a job.

Earning money as an editor
Anyone who has secured an order can work on it in peace from home. And: When he or she does the job well he or she will usually hear from his client again and again.
So you can also build up a second foothold next to the position.

What can you earn?
The editor is usually paid per word.
The longer the text, the more you can earn.
The earnings level is similar to that of the copywriter.

9th possibility: make money as a hobbyist
If you like to make things and make things that you could sell, maybe you should try this option: Many people love homemade things. Whether decoration for the Christmas or Easter, self-made scarves or hats – the variety knows no limits as always.
On some Internet portals, you can register for free and sell the homemade goods.

How does this work?
First, you register on websites that support the sale of home-made goods.
These can be, for example, very common auction portals, but also portals that specialize in home-made.
There you can offer your goods for sale.

Work as a hobbyist at home
The work from home is ultimate to sell home-made things on the Internet platforms and then send to the buyer.
Again, a nice extra income is possible.

What can you earn?
The merit is quite variable and is based on two criteria: First, it depends on how many goods you sell, and as another, how much you earn on the products sold.

Option 10: Work as a blogger from home
Even with this variant, you can build up a good and reliable second pillar with some self-discipline.
Bloggers operate a blog on the Internet.
This is a website where regularly appearing new posts that are written by the blogger.
A blog is usually thematically structured, that is, it refers to a specific topic.
For example, there are blogs about fashion or holiday.

How does this work?
The goal of a blog is to generate as many visitors as possible.
The more people visit the blog, the more it can be done.
You can place advertisements, for example.

Working as a blogger from home
The beginning is tedious, but who keeps the ball rolling and posts piece by piece more and more visitors attracted by the exciting content, has good prospects for worthwhile income.
The beautiful thing about this job is that you can work from your home or in exotic locations.

What can you earn?
The merit is entirely different and depends on what topic you serve and how many visitors to the blog.
For info: Many bloggers can live more than reasonable on their income.

3. Work From Home: The Foundation For A Real Job

Not only a second foothold is possible: With this work as a solopreneur/entrepreneur you can build a small income empire from home.
If you are particularly good, you can even make these earning opportunities your primary job.

11th possibility: programmer
Of course, this option requires a bit more specific programming knowledge.
Thus, this variant is ideal for computer science students or people who have been dealing with the topic for a long time.

How does this work?
For computer scientists, there is an unusually wide range of work on the Internet.
For this purpose, there are individual websites where clients can distribute programming jobs to programmers.
As a programmer, you can log on to these websites and apply for the jobs.

Earn money as a programmer
Anyone who has gotten an order can do it comfortably from home.
More than a computer with an Internet connection is usually not required.

What can you earn?
Programmers enjoy an unusually high fee!
Depending on the job you can earn between 30 and several thousand euros.
With a few jobs, you can earn enough to finance his standard of living.

Option 12: Graphic Designer
Anyone who knows the graphic arts can also earn good money with it. The primary working tool of the graphic designer today is the computer. Of course, this also allows him to work from home.
The only thing you need is an internet connection.

How does this work?
Graphic designers design graphic genres that are most needed on the internet – for example, to make items “livelier.”
Only letters look boring.
Graphics are therefore needed on every corner of the Internet.
For this reason, thousands of jobs for graphic designers are published on the Internet every day.

Work as a graphic designer from home
As a graphic designer, you can apply for the jobs.
A completed study is not required for this.
The important thing is that you can do something in this area.

What can you earn?
Depending on how extensive an order is, you can earn between 10 and 50 euros, but sometimes up to several hundred euros.

Option 13: YouTube Channel
More and more millionaires are born on the Internet.
Among them are also numerous YouTube stars.
Although you do not have to think on this scale at the beginning, you can certainly keep in mind the potential for success.

How does this work?
On YouTube, you can quickly open a user account and then start uploading videos to be viewed by other users.
If you get a lot of clicks on your videos, you can advertise and earn pretty good money.

Make money as a creator
The creator's job is basically to regularly upload new video footage to get unique video views.
The more, the better!

What can you earn?
The money is measured by how many views your videos get.
Because the more views a video has, the more people look at the ads displayed.
Even YouTube can be a remarkably good source of income.

14. Possibility: Internet advertising
Not only on YouTube, you can earn money with Internet advertising, but of course with any other website that shows good visitor numbers. After all, the Internet is one of the most significant areas for advertising projections ever.
Many companies spend a lot of money on showing their ads on matching websites.

How does this work?
It is vital that you build a website with a specific theme.
For example, a comparison page for vacuum cleaners.
If the site has enough visitors after some time, you can offer vacuum cleaner manufacturers to advertise on the site.
But you could also place products of vacuum cleaner shops and thereby participate in the profits.

Earn money with Internet advertising
The range of possibilities is enormously far-reaching and does not break.
In this context, it is only essential that you generate a lot of traffic – that is, have as many visitors as possible on your website.
Of course, this is a job that you can do relaxed at home.

What can you earn?
Again, it is difficult to say what you can earn.
Apparently, more and more people are using the internet for their business and earning outstanding money with it.

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