How To Use Wunderlist As Your Productivity Tool

How To Use Wunderlist As Your Productivity Tool


In this video (Video #7) we’re going to be using the first productivity tool, which is Wunderlist.
Wunderlist is free unless you have the business version and you want to assign specific tasks to your virtual assistant or your assistant and your so-forth.
But other than that, what I want to do first and foremost is to talk about Wunderlist before we jump right in and show you the actual tool so that you know and you're aware of what's available for you and how you can utilize what we just taught and apply that to this tool.

So, first and foremost, you can go to to get access to this tool.

What I want to do now is just talk about the features.
Now, what we like about Wunderlist is its ability to create To-Do lists.
Not only that, you can have conversations that are on each list, and each list item and that allows you to collaborate with your team.
You can also set due dates and reminders.
The nice thing about that is that you can notify by email, get notified via iPhone or Android or smartphone apps as well.
That’s convenient because if you're moving around in different places, you're not going to remember a lot of times when things are due.
So, to have that in hand – and it will say this is due, that’s convenient. And it also allows push notifications via email or in-app notifications as well.
You can also add anything from the web straight into Wunderlist by adding a browser extension on your mobile app or browser with just one click of a button.
So, it’s kind of like Evernote in that sense that you can have a plugin and add things into Wunderlist.
And you can also email – that’s
When you have things set up and you have your email setup in your account, whenever you email, you can forward an email from somebody else into Wunderlist.
As you know, a lot of times, you tend to have emails where somebody says, “I need this done” or “I need that done” – a lot of time, we don’t have time to jot things down.
So, being able to email Wunderlist at once you have things set up and it will import it straight to your account that is where your email is added, and your username is attached to that email.
That’s going to make your life a lot easier.

Other sites that have Add to Wunderlist built-in are Google mails, Amazon, eBay, YouTube, Wikipedia, and IMDb.
So, the nice thing about that is it allows you to integrate what you're using in your day-to-day lives into Wunderlist.
Wunderlist is growing, and it’s big, and it’s getting to a point where it’s getting integrated into all sorts of platforms, which just makes life easier for you in the long haul.

You can also create what we call Public List where you can view others’ public list or where you can also share your lists to the world.
But most and foremost, most likely, you're going to want to make sure that that list is private, especially if it’s your personal, business, or career list.

The nice thing about it is you can also share with other people.
Even if they don’t have a Wunderlist account, you can also share with them as well.
It has real-time sync that allows you to collaborate more seamlessly, converse with everybody, add notes.
You can share lists by email and more.

As far as pricing goes, I would highly recommend that you start out with the free version.
That way, you can get more acquainted with it. And as you feel like – wow, this is impacting my life, then go to Pro and then go to Business.
Business is nice especially if you have teams.
So, what I want to do now is jump on over to Wunderlist, and we will use it.

So, this is the inside of my Wunderlist account.
The nice thing about the Inbox is where you can email and forward emails to your inbox.
So, if you email me – m e so once you have an account set up; it doesn’t work unless you have things set up.
But once you have things set up and you email that, it will go into the inbox. And then you can simply go into the Inbox and drag-and-drop it into a specific folder.
So, for example, we had a list – it’s called Thanksgiving Dinner.
And as you can see here, if we double-click it here, we can see on the right-hand side, gravy or let's say, for example, Mac and Cheese; we can assign it to a specific person, and we can invite people to our list; we can set a due date.
So, we can say, I want to have Mac and Cheese made by the 30th.
Now, the nice thing about this is that if you have something that’s consistent.
Let's say, for example, Mac and Cheese is consistent every single week or every single bi-weekly.
What you do is you click the dropdown menu and it says Repeat Every Day, Every Week, Every Month, Every Year, or Custom.
So, we can even do Custom and say Every 7 Days; so even Every 6 Days. So, every seven days, we get a reminder that it’s due every single week. And then we can click Remind Me; set a specific date.

How To Use Wunderlist As Your Productivity Tool

You can add sub-task, which is nice.
So, this allows you to break things down.
So, let's change maybe Mac and Cheese to perhaps something realistic, say, for example, Project A. And then you can add subtasks, and you can say Subtask 1, Subtask 2, Subtask 3.
And the nice thing about that is that before you just check this off, you can say, okay, I have done this one and this one.
Now, you see, whenever I check it, there's a ding sound. In addition to that, you can see, this is a progress bar.
Subconsciously, this is motivational.
Because when we check that, we can see that the progress bar has gone all the way to the end. And you can also add notes.
So, if I want to click this here, I can add more notes in here.
Now, if I'm collaborating with somebody, they can also come in and add notes as well.
This is all very convenient to have but like I said, as you begin to add more tasks and more projects, you will realize that it’s harder to organize a bunch of notes within Wunderlist.
Wunderlist is good with checking tasks off.
Now, the nice thing about it is you can also add a file.
So, you can click Add File, find the file and it will upload it to Wunderlist.
Or if you have really big files and you want to organize things, I’d highly recommend that you go and use DropBox because you can click DropBox here and it will integrate your DropBox to Wunderlist, you could find the file and attach the file and there you go.
So, if anything would have happened to your Wunderlist account, you still have your DropBox files. I'm a big believer in backup files and that’s something that you want.

Another thing is you can add comments here.
You can say, “Subtask 2 was complete” – something of that nature just to tell you and let you know, remind yourself and if somebody is collaborating with you, you can discuss within the chat box itself as well.

If you click Show Complete To-Do list, you can see all of your To-Do lists.
So, that’s motivating as well.

Now, when you're ready to create a new list, you click on Create New List at the very bottom left-hand corner, List Name and you just enter the list name.
Let's say for example that we are creating Building Project A.
And then you can add the list members here, email addresses of the people that you want to collaborate with, and click Save.
And you'll notice down here; this list has been created. So Building Project A, we can categorize that or we can even create a list specifically for events (personal events).

Here's the nice thing – so, Event 1 and another cool trick is if I do Event 1 Due tomorrow.
You'll see that it automatically sets the due date to tomorrow. And I can remove this. I can also prioritize as well. Let's say Event 2, Event 3, and you can prioritize.
Let's say that you realize that Event 1 and 3 are the most important, so we click this here and the little flag will move it up. So, 1 and three are most important.
And of course, we can always move it around. However we wish. So, when you're done, you just click on the check box and it will make a ding sound and it’s quite motivational when that happens.
So, having subtasks really, really help and very, very subconsciously motivating.
Now, as you can see, up at the top here, you can duplicate list, you can email the list to someone, you can print the list yourself, so you have a paper copy of it, and of course, you can delete list as well.

So, as far as that goes, it’s very, very powerful.
I like its updates. It will tell you what has been updated if somebody has been chatting with you, it will tell you right up here as well.

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